Thursday, August 5, 2010


[P:89] is an Industrial Band, from Costa Rica.
This band started in the summer of 2009, after 3 years as a D.J.,Produkt began to made his own music as [P:89].

Influences: - Electro underground scene in Europe.
- Industrial Old School.
- E.B.M.
- Cyber Culture.

[P:89] Thefirst demo: Against The Musik is a playlist for Djs, ready to be mixed and used in parties with an Industrial and Hard Electro sounds with 100 free free downloads,this material includes eight tracks. Two weeks latter become the second demo: HumanTronik, a refresh of ideas and sounds, the material was inspired in the E.B.M. and Industrial Noise scene, this one have ten songs and shows the madness of [P:89] with 300 free downloads and two hits: Agrexxxion Kontenida and HumanTroniK. A week later [P:89] atacks again with a single Machina Party a limited playset with 100 free downloads.

A month later the war began with a new demo, Switch Off Humanuty, with 13 songs influenced for the 70´s industrial bands, with over 800 free downloads, this demo includes a single Militar March with tree militar experiment songs.

At september, Machina, the reedition from the demos and singles including voices to the tracks.

2010 - D.J. Produkt is working in new ideas.

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